Russia Hasn’t Responded to Griner, Whelan Swap Offer

President Joe Biden held meetings with family members of two Americans detained in Russia on Friday in the White House, reassuring them of his commitment to bring them safely home.

Biden met with Elizabeth Whelan, the sister of detained U.S. Marine Paul Whelan, and Cherelle Griner, wife of Brittney Griner, along with Griner’s agent, Lindsay Colas, in two separate meetings in the Oval Office, sharing that his desire to get Griner and Whelan back on American soil is “at front of mind.”

Friday’s meetings marked the first in-person interaction between Biden and the respective families. Cherelle told CNN’s Abby Phillip that her meeting with Biden went well and it allowed her to “have confidence” in his plan. However, as Biden attempts to get Griner home, Cherelle also stated that the negotiations have been complex. “I don’t think they have quite figured out exactly what Russia wants in return for BG,” Cherelle said, per Phillip. 

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