Montreal’s 311 service greatly improved in 2021

The average response time went down to a minute and 38 seconds from four minutes and 19 seconds

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The average call response time decreased by 63 per cent in 2021, to one minute and 38 seconds, according to the annual report on 311 service, presented to the city’s executive committee on Wednesday.

In 2020, it took an average of four minutes and 19 seconds to answer calls.

Three-quarters of calls were answered within a minute and 40 seconds in 2021, compared to just half in 2020, it said.

The number of people who hung up after waiting on the line dropped by 11 per cent, to seven per cent of calls in 2021 from 18 per cent of calls in 2020.

The improvement was partly due to fact that 12 of the city’s 19 boroughs have joined together to pool 311 services, said Josée Bédard, director of citizens’ experience and communications, during a presentation to the city’s executive committee.

Residents can contact 311 for information on everything from garbage collection to taxes.

The number of calls to 311 dropped by eight per cent in 2021, while emails rose by 81 per cent, online requests rose by 27 per cent and mobile requests rose by 37 per cent.

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