March Madness: Saint Peter’s Cinderella story ends with loss to UNC

Thanks for the Memories, Peacocks 


We’re on to the Final Four—one which will, after everything we just witnessed, somewhat ironically feature four proper blueblood programs, as well as arguably the biggest game of the season between Duke and North Carolina. It will also take place without Saint Peter’s, a statement that really isn’t all that surprising in a vacuum, but you’d be lying if you said you weren’t going to miss those guys. (Or you’re a Tar Heel fan, or a Purdue fan, or a Kentucky fan).

The Peacocks, the first No. 15 seed to make the Elite Eight, didn’t have their best stuff Sunday, falling by 20 to UNC without really landing a proper punch. While it wouldn’t be right to excuse them—they certainly wouldn’t tell you otherwise—it frankly would have been hard to expect or ask for more, given the odds they’d overcome simply to get this far, and the fact that there was absolutely zero chance they’d sneak up on any opponent again. “They hang their hat on punching teams in the mouth, being the underdog, that kind of thing,” Carolina forward Leaky Black said. “We just had to let them know it wasn’t going to happen tonight.”

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