Letters: Sanctions will fail once again to deter Russian aggression

Readers offer their opinions on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the future of bathrooms in civic facilities and celebrating Pi Day.

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Appeasing Putin will fail

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Will we ever learn? Events in Ukraine seem pretty straightforward. Mr. Putin uses a flimsy excuse to make a pre-emptive strike. Yeah sure, Ukrainian Nazis were planning on using bio-weapons and chemical weapons to attack Mother Russia.

See the fallacy? Ukraine had the third largest nuclear arsenal back in 1993 and gave them up in exchange for a piece of paper, signed by Russia, the U.S. and the United Kingdom, ensuring secure borders.

So much for political promises.

Yet who has used chemical weapons? The short list of victims (this century) includes Sergei Skripal (on U.K. soil), Viktor Yushchenko (in Ukraine), and Alexei Navalny (political opponent in Russia) as well as hundreds more proven and thousands more suspected cases.

Military expansion by extortion is beyond criminal. Try anything and Putin will use nuclear weapons.

So where, or better still when, will we say enough? Ukraine? Baltic states? Poland? Or shall we, to put it crudely, bend over.

Appeasement did not work in Sudetenland. Sanctions did not work in 2014 (Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk.) Doing the same thing again and expecting different results is one definition of insanity.

With our own fifth columnists claiming that we shoulda, coulda, woulda built pipelines (made with steel from a plant owned by a Russian oligarch), to pump oil from Chinese facilities (Sinoco) through pipelines (that we no longer own) to put money into the pockets of foreign owners, Russians, and Chinese, how can we succeed?

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Must we always cut off our noses just to spite our faces?

Robert Bandurka


Solution pitched for bathroom equality

Letter writer Cary Tarasoff complains in the March 19 edition of the StarPhoenix that new civic buildings might not have urinals in the washrooms. Supposedly to avoid an advantage that males have.

If we really want to have equal opportunity for both sexes there should be urinals in the women’s washrooms and tampon dispensers in the men’s. 

Don Gendzwill


Pi Day shows math bias

Recent articles with recipes for various pies to make and eat on March 14 serve only to highlight society’s blatant prejudice against other useful math constants.

While there are many, many, useful constant numbers worthy of celebration, I propose the addition of at least ‘i’ day, celebrating the square root of negative one. Imaginary Day will be the day when life returns to normal.

Marc Buchmann



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