Kevin Youkilis details when he knew Tom Brady was returning to NFL

Being Tom Brady’s brother-in-law has its perks, which includes finding out news before the general public.

Former baseball player Kevin Youkilis, who is married to Brady’s sister, went on “The Greg Hill Show” to explain how he found out Brady was returning.

“I got a message on a chain, and then like 15 minutes later I was at somebody’s house and I’m trying to keep it quiet–don’t tell anybody, right? Because I don’t know when the news is coming out,” Youkilis said, via “And it was instantaneous news, somebody was like ‘Hey, your brother-in-law is coming back.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh here it comes.’ And then all of a sudden here come all the text messages and here comes all the stuff of ‘Hey, did you know?’ It’s pretty funny what you get.”

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