George Russell Says Current F1 Tech Rules Are ‘Recipe for Disaster’

Porpoising has been a hot topic with Mercedes drivers being vocal about the bouncing they’ve endured, but it seemed to be even worse in Baku. 

George Russell went as far as to say it’s “just a matter of time before we see a major incident.” 

“A lot of us can barely keep the car in a straight line over these bumps and we are going around the last two corners at 300km/h [in Baku] and we are bottoming out and you can visibly see on the tarmac how close the cars are running to the ground,” the Mercedes rising star said. “It is just unnecessary with the technology we have in today’s environment, it just seems unnecessary that we are running a Formula One car at over 200 mph millimetres from the ground and it’s a recipe for disaster. 

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