2022 NFL Mock Draft: final projection on draft day

It’s been an unusual offseason, highlighted by four teams trading away first-round picks last month that resulted in new homes for Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill.

All of that trade activity means only 16 teams have exactly one first-round pick. The other half of the league enters the draft with either two first-rounders or none. (And there are still a few hours for a Deebo Samuel trade to alter those numbers!)

All of the offseason chaos leads us into a draft that has shaped up to be one of the more unpredictable in recent memory. Most drafts—18 of the past 25—have started with a quarterback, and there’s a reasonable chance that a quarterback won’t crack this year’s top 10.

Over the past quarter century, the draft has started with a defensive player only four times, and only the 2000 draft began with back-to-back defensive players. That is the reality I have below, for the first time since Courtney Brown and LaVarr Arrington were the first two players off the board.

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